Per Diem Solutions for Your Business

Have you found the magic formula that keeps your employees happy while simultaneously sticking to your budget? It's a tough balance to find, but there are certain elements you can integrate into your business practices that can increase efficiency, eliminate unnecessary processes and produce pleased employees.

For companies that employ traveling staffers, VuShorus' per diem solutions are a key component to keeping accountants, decision makers and employees who deal with expense reports happy. How, you ask? Great question! Let's take a look!

What is VuShorus?

We're a company that specializes in E-Cash food and transportation vouchers. We enable executives, managers, and HR professionals to have better controls over their per diem expenditures.

We provide an online service where you can simply go online and choose the maximum amount of money you wish your traveling employees to use.

How Does VuShorus' Per Diem Solutions Work?

  • Your employee receives an email, notifying him or her of the funds available for use via the E-Cash voucher.
  • Your employee may use the E-Cash voucher through the expiration date, which you define upon ordering our service.
  • The employee uses the voucher at any of our partner meal facilities. It's as simple as that!

Why Does VuShorus Benefit Your Business?

Let's start with the obvious: expense reports are an enormous pain, and keeping up with per diem expenditures can be more costly than it's worth in the long run. Between account reconciliations, paper trails and human errors, per diem allowances can cost far more than your company's saving in the long run.

VuShorus' per diem solutions eliminate those hassles and inefficient practices by providing set-in-stone amounts on pre-determined vouchers. You don't have to worry about processing expense reports for meals, and your team doesn't have to deal with long waits for reimbursement.

Even better? Any unused funds are returned back to your company's account, so you don't have to worry about lost cash when the trip is over.

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