Corporate & Group Travel

Solve all of your organizational travel problems

Your travelers do not carry corporate credit or debit cards.

You prefer not to issue pre-travel cash per diems.

Your per diem allotments are used for other than their intended purpose.

Your travelers don’t want to spend their own cash and wait to be reimbursed.

You struggle with per diem receipt reconciliation and paperwork.

You lack proper tracking, controls, and reporting for your per diem spend.

Let Us Help You!

We will help you build room & voucher packages to fit your specific travel needs, with great rates, and the best value on your travel bookings.

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VuShorus vouchers serve as a real-time travel expense payment system, replacing the need to issue corporate credit cards, cash per-diems, or reimbursement for expense. Contact us to get started today!

VuShorus Travel Vouchers and Room & Voucher Packages

Replace corporate credit cards, cash per diems and expense reimbursement.

Fully control per diem expenditures.

No more approval processes.

Receipts are automatically generated – No more saving and remitting receipts.

Review all accounting and reporting functions in your personal portal in real-time, 24/7.

Choose refundable vouchers and 85% of unused voucher amounts are automatically refunded to you.

Vouchers can be customized to include:

  • Company logo
  • Company message
  • Traveler name
  • Disclaimers and rules