How VuShorus Works

Thousands of food establishments accept our E-Cash Meal Vouchers, accommodating all our clients’ needs. Restaurant options can be tailored to each client’s specific requirements including price points, dining preferences, and proximity to hotels or work sites.

Fast food restaurants, delis and delivery services are available for clients on the go, as well as dine-in options for those with more time. VuShorus meal vouchers are also available for online ordering companies, meal trucks, catering, or room service (where available).

E-Cash Meal Vouchers

Once a voucher is purchased, it is emailed directly to the recipient, along with a list of approved restaurants in the area. VuShorus meal vouchers can be used in either digital or print format. If a voucher holder spends more than the value of the voucher, it is their responsibility to pay for the overage at the time of service – no more haggling over meals that exceed the per diem limit.

It is the restaurant’s responsibility to process the voucher, meaning there’s nothing for the voucher holder or accounting department to keep track of.

Any funds not spent are refunded to the credit card used to purchase the voucher.

VuShorus charges a $2 fee in addition to the price of the voucher. This cost is often recovered, since unused voucher amounts are completely refunded.

E-cash meal vouchers can also be customized to include:

  • Company logo
  • Company message
  • Traveler name
  • Disclaimers and rules

Other elements:

Per Diem Controls

  • Pre-set meal spend
  • Pre-set gratuity

Usage Controls

  • Can only be redeemed through client approved suppliers
  • Designate Use (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, etc.)
  • Allow or restrict use for alcoholic beverages
  • Customize Disclaimers and Rules


Using the VuShorus reporting portal, you can view the status of all purchased vouchers 24/7, in real-time. Reporting includes:

  • Purchase History
  • Voucher Usage
  • Order Receipts

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Vushorus E-Cash meal vouchers serve as a real-time travel expense payment system, replacing the need to issue corporate credit cards, cash per-diems, or reimbursement for expense. Contact us to get started today!