Why VuShorus?

VuShorus offers meal per diem and cost control solutions solving a variety of problematic travel inefficiencies:

Do you struggle with any of these issues?

  • Your travelers do not carry corporate credit or debit cards
  • You prefer not to issue pre-travel cash per diems
  • Your per diem allotments are used for other than their intended purpose
  • Your travelers don’t want to spend their own cash and wait to be reimbursed
  • You struggle with per diem receipt reconciliation and paperwork
  • You lack proper tracking, controls, and reporting for your meal per diem spend

VuShorus E-Cash meal vouchers solves all of these problems!

  • Use E-Cash meal vouchers to replace corporate credit cards, cash per diems and expense reimbursement
  • E-Cash meal vouchers fully control per diem expenditures
  • Unused per diem spend is reimbursed to your organization
  • Receipts are automatically generated – No more saving and remitting receipts
  • Review all accounting and reporting functions in your personal portal, in real-time 24/7

With VuShorus meal vouchers, you control all aspects of feeding your travelers and employees.

You set the amount of the meal vouchers, the activation date and expiration date.

You choose the restaurants that fit your needs and budget.

The vouchers are for approved uses only and any funds not used will be reimbursed to the purchasing credit card within 15 days of the voucher’s expiration.

VuShorus allows you to easily and efficiently feed your travelers with no hassles and pain-free expense tracking.

Get Started with VuShorus Today!

Vushorus E-Cash meal vouchers serve as a real-time travel expense payment system, replacing the need to issue corporate credit cards, cash per-diems, or reimbursement for expense. Contact us to get started today!